Out of the Shadows

And so it begins.

We’ve officially launched Dark Park Publishing, our small press for Dark Fiction. While the name is new, the company has been doing business under the Mega Thump Publishing imprint since 2013, releasing titles written or edited by author Sawney Hatton.

Mega Thump was a test run, a way to work out the kinks of running a publishing company: creating quality print and digital books, marketing titles, connecting with authors, etc. It has been an eye-opening learning experience, and from it we feel not only can we do a great job publishing original works, but just as importantly represent our authors with fairness and enthusiasm.

Publishing companies come and go. It’s certainly a challenging enterprise, one that for many publishers doesn’t pay off. Yet we’re not doing it to make barrels of money (though that would be nice). What drives us is discovering the next stellar work, the next singular voice in Dark Fiction. That is what will make all our efforts worthwhile, the hours and expenses well spent.

We hope Dark Park Publishing will be one in the crowd that stands out and sticks around. We look forward to things to come — the things conjured from the twisted and terrifying recesses of an author’s mind.

Sounds like fun to us!

Don Philbrick
Dark Park Publishing

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