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Everyone Is a Moon: Strange Stories

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” —Mark Twain

From Sawney Hatton, the devilishly inventive mind who brought you the acclaimed Dark Comedy novel DEAD SIZE and the YA Noir novella UGLYVILLE, comes 12 twisted Dark Fiction tales featuring a magical finger, a cannibalistic memorial, an extreme piercing parlor, a Space Age monastery, a budding serial killer, and more.

Presenting three new, never-before-published stories, as well as re-mastered versions of earlier works, this collection is sure to disturb and delight readers who like to play in the dark.

“Sawney Hatton is one part ‘Twilight Zone,’ two parts ‘American Horror Story.’ If you’re looking for twisted, creepy tales that’ll burrow into your soul, you’ve come to the right place.” —Russ Colchamiro, author of CROSSLINE and editor of LOVE, MURDER & MAYHEM

Included stories:
The Good Touch
Cutting Remarks
The Boy Who Cried Alien*
In Memoriam the Ostrich
The Mortality Machine
The Lord Is My Rocket*
The Beholder
Mr. Gregori*
The Dark at the Deep End
Suitable for Framing

*1st time published