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The Devil’s Delinquents

Teenage years can be hell.

Follow a trio of high school misfits who, in pursuit of their fantasies for success, power and revenge, practice amateurish rituals of devil worship. While their bonds of camaraderie grow stronger, their dark deeds grow more extreme—and more inept—leading them to plan the most depraved of sacrifices, and thrusting themselves into a deadly tragicomedy of errors.

This Kindle-exclusive “Extra Dark Edition” of The Devil’s Delinquents includes some previously cut material in addition to bonus content

A sampling of reviews:

“Be ready for some shock and awe as you tear through the darkness of this tantalizing tale.” —The Horror Report

“This is one of the most perfect novellas I’ve read. A dark story, told effortlessly, through well paced character and plot reveals.” —Iseult Murphy, author of 7 Days in Hell

“It held me rapturously with its raw power, the queasiness it induced at what happened and its unexpected twists and turns.” —Chris Fried, The Indie Athenaeum

“It moves fast when the action amps up with an ending that leaves you saying ‘Whoa!’” —Lynchburg Mama

“Sawney Hatton’s The Devil’s Delinquents left me cringing in horror and disgust.” —Bethany, Writing Werewolf